We craft beautiful and unique experiences

We are entering an era in which the evolution of technology is transmuting into a three-dimensional human-like nature that reinforces our inherent connection and reshapes our relationship with the machines that are part of our everyday life.

This marks a new chapter in our evolution as creators and transformers of the world.Transport into the spectacular world of real 3D spaces formed by thousands of Pixels, Art, and Technology with complete custom array control, full RGB range and integration with Leap motion and Kinect, this display technology can create some truly unique experiences

Meet DragonO²

The transcendence of the world’s most advanced volumetric LED display. An experience made of light particles that emulate humanity and its biological components in three-dimensions.

Three-dimensional balance

Just as human beings, The Dragon is made up of three interconnected elements.


A format for collective 3D content creation

A format open for artist and creators willing to experiment and create otherworldly experiences.

A vehicle to express our creative ability as individuals and as a collective. The reflection of our own nature and a projection of utopian worlds that come to life.  In body, mind, and soul.

Volumetric LED