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Kinetic Lights

Movable light fixture kinetic lights are a remote controllable cable winch with hanging LED light modules. Each light module can be dynamically adjusted in position, speed,

luminance and color by control software.


KINETIC LIGHTS by WHITEvoid GmbH creates automation systems, programmed, developed, designed, and manufactured in Germany. All our systems offer infinite design possibilities and can be rented or purchased worldwide.

We have been engineering and manufacturing professional kinetic lighting equipment for more than ten years. We have helped to pioneer NEW modes of entertainment, and are constantly redefining the state-of-the-art in technology and aesthetics. We are also the inventors of reflected mirror light tracking, a technology that can take your beam light effects to new heights.


We develop and produce a wide range of WINCHES in powered cable varieties. Our winches are critical components in the lighting setup at all kinds of events: art galleries, interior displays, stage shows, and much more.

Our high-precision hoists are used mainly for artfully synchronized spatial animation in vast arrays of our carefully engineered LED light fixtures.

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Sujoy Cherian