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Interactive OLED Sliding Screen: Elevating Your Display Experience

Introducing the Interactive OLED Sliding Screen, a revolutionary display technology designed to transform how you interact with digital content. Also known as a slide TV or electric sliding advertising screen, this innovative solution is perfect for exhibitions, corporate events, museums, and more. With touch support and automatic sliding driven by an electric motor, the Interactive OLED Sliding Screen offers a dynamic and engaging experience for all users.

Product Features

Customizable Movement and Control

Versatile Motion: Supports horizontal, vertical, and curved movement.

  • Sensor Points: Unlimited sensor points can be set along the sliding rail to trigger specific images or videos as the screen passes by.
  • Control Methods: Operate via app, remote control, touch screen, or body follow technology.

Smooth and Silent Operation

Uniform Speed: Ensures a consistent viewing experience.

  • Low Noise: Minimal sound during operation for an unobtrusive display.
  • Seamless Motion: Smooth transitions enhance the visual appeal.

Tailored to Your Needs

  • Customizable Rail Length: Adapt the sliding rail to fit any display space.
  • Easy Integration: Simple assembly process allows for quick setup on-site.

Technology Breakdown

Central Control SystemComponents: Includes the motor, electrical box, and transmission device for reliable performance.

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