The next generation of 3D advertising is here

Hypervsn is a revolutionary display technology for managing and displaying 3D holographic video content.

It is a combination of hi-tech projection blades and a proprietary management platform that enables content to be uploaded and controlled remotely.

Highest-definition 3D holographic visuals

Superior device design produces the highest resolution 3D holographic content available today.

Holographic display visible in all conditions

Clearly seen through glass, extreme temperatures & bright light, with over 16 million colours of high brightness.

Lightweight & energy-efficient

Each device is easily portable at just 2.8kg & extremely energy-efficient with a low consumption rate of 65 watts per hour.

Scalable for any project

Multiple devices can be installed across different locations & HYPERVSN Walls can produce visuals of virtually any size.

Our impressive four-ray rotor (masterfully attached to our modern stator) spins at less revolutions per minute, than two-ray rotors, to produce next-level digital visuals. This allows for quieter and safer device operation, preventing rotor blast noise and overheating. In addition, at this controlled speed of 670 RPM, a brighter, bolder image can be produced.

Hypervsn solo & cluster
Volumetric LED