Saudi Light & Sound Expo 28 – 30 MAY 2023

SLS Expo
Focus on Current Trending and Future Tools for Interactive Installation and Audience Engagement

This session will discuss how people convert from passive audiences to emotionally engaged active participants, by producing eye-catching and inspirational artwork. It will discuss the types of interactive installations: static, dynamic passive, dynamic interactive; also how to create unified experiences by placing three-dimensional objects, and the benefits and importance of audience interaction.

Sujoy Cherian, Creative Technologist • Group CEO
Option 1 Group • Events • Technology • Content

Middle East Event Show 2023

Tech-ing Up Events: Exploring Technological Advancements in Events

Day 1, 14th June – 17:05 – 17:35

Technology has rapidly advanced in recent years, and the events industry is no exception. From virtual and augmented reality to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, technological advancements have the potential to transform the events industry. In this session, we’ll explore the latest technological advancements and their impact on events.

Option 1 Live wins major award at Middle East Technology Excellence Awards 2022

The solution transforms simple 2D digitalised concepts into a multi-dimensional projection.

Option 1 Live bagged the win in the Design Technology – Technology at the recently held Middle East Technology Excellence Awards 2022 for its Dragon O2 – 3D Volumetric LED display, in partnership with LED Pulse.

Option 1 Live specialises in events technology, hybrid production and content development. They curate meticulously conceptualised designs that go along with cutting-edge technology. They are focused on creating intangible but quality-focused visual content which helps in conveying intended messages to various audiences. They have earned a reputation in the market as they serve unique and exclusive technology integration through our global partnerships.

Meet The Technologist Sujoy Cherian at the Saudi Event Show!

Meet The Technologist Sujoy Cherian at the Saudi Event Show!

We’re looking forward to his session at the in-person event (available online as well!) from 19-20 September 2022 at the Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Attend the session and discover the Eventscape of the Future yourself:

Event is organized by Informa Connect Middle East with 2000+ event professionals and 50+ exhibitors from across the industry expected to attend.

The Technologist is speaking at the SLS expo

The Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre will host the Saudi Light and Sound Expo this May. Commencing on May 16th and concluding on May 18th, the expo is the first in the region aiming to transform the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia.

CEO | Technologist | Resource Speaker | Training Professional | Lecturer

Sujoy Cherian has always been immensely passionate about innovation & the future. His ardent desire to incorporate cutting-edge technology on each of his projects and his everyday life; has indeed paved the way for him to be known as one of the leading event technologists in markets he serves.

As a young entrepreneur, his first business venture in 1997 was an audio-visual and special effects rental company called Soundwaves rapidly creating a niche in the Asian entertainment and events industry. Truly inspired & backed by his visionary father who was a pioneer in the field of manufacturing audio solutions since 1985.

Over the past two decades Sujoy has grown the companies he leads into globally renowned event technology, production & content development verticals with headquarters now based in Dubai and liaison offices worldwide; rebranded as Option 1 Events. Content. Technology.

He has spearheaded several business verticals to compliments the content & technology integration services; catering to the corporate, retail, television & government sector across the Middle East, Asian & European markets.

His vision is to create a network of business verticals that would complement each other In solutions that will raise the bar in linking future technology in the event space with sustainable platforms that will make a huge impact to the global environment challenges.

All things hybrid with Sujoy Cherian, Option 1 Event Services

In an exclusive conversation, Sujoy Cherian, Group CEO, Option 1 Event Services L.L.C, sheds light on his experience working with hybrid technology for leading government events, including the very recent Taqdeer Awards and what the industry can expect from the new normal.

How has Option 1 grown over the years across diverse markets in India, the UAE and Saudi Arabia?