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Eventex Award 2024 for AI71 Company Launch Event

Option 1 Live Wins Eventex Award 2024 for AI71 Company Launch Event!

We’re over the moon to announce that Option 1 Live has bagged the prestigious Eventex Award 2024 in the “Use of Technology” category for our groundbreaking AI71 Company Launch Event! 

A Night to Remember

Held on November 28, 2023, at the stunning St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi, the AI71 launch was a true spectacle of innovation and creativity. Hosted by Option 1 Design Studio Labs, a proud member of the Option 1 Group, the event was organized for the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC). We were thrilled to leverage the Falcon generative AI model to showcase multi-domain AI applications in medical, educational, and legal sectors.

A Journey into Innovation

Our event kicked off with an awe-inspiring entrance tunnel illuminated by interactive LED Pixel Bars, setting the tone for the futuristic evening. Guests were greeted by a dazzling display that not only lit up the venue but also engaged them in a sensory dialogue of vibrant colors, perfectly mirroring the theme of AI evolution.

ArtTech Fusion at Its Best

In the pre-function area, attendees marveled at the fusion of 3D Volumetric displays synchronized with Cubical LED screens, creating a visual symphony of neurons and data points transforming into generative digital art. This blend of art and technology provided a mesmerizing experience, highlighting the creative potential of AI.

Post-Launch Spectacle

Following the main launch, the venue underwent a stunning transformation, showcasing AI71’s verticals—Medical, Legal, and Education—through captivating digital narratives. Each sector was brought to life with synchronized audio spotlight technology, offering an immersive exploration of AI71’s vision.

AI Master of Ceremony

One of the highlights was our Artificial Intelligence Digital Volumetric Holographic Master of Ceremonies, a custom-built ODS bot. This AI marvel synchronized real-time data to adjust the event’s flow on-the-fly, demonstrating the future of dynamic, responsive event narratives. Its lip-sync capabilities and enhanced audio output provided a seamless and engaging experience for all attendees.

Meticulous Planning & Execution

Transforming visionary ideas into reality within a tight three-week timeline was no small feat. Our dedicated team worked around the clock, ensuring every detail was perfected. From meticulously integrated branding elements to a mesmerizing arch tunnel, every aspect of the indoor and outdoor setup was crafted to perfection.

Virtual and Interactive Excellence

In line with the client’s vision, we integrated a dynamic Volumetric AI BOT as the virtual Master of Ceremony. This innovative feature, powered by our custom AI platforms and filters, revolutionized the presentation of key information, marking a significant milestone in event technology integration.

Strategic Brilliance

The AI71 launch was a masterclass in strategic planning and technological mastery. Leveraging Unreal Engine for real-time 12K content creation, we delivered a visual experience of unparalleled realism and vibrancy. Every element, from the storyboard to the VIP seating arrangements, was meticulously planned to captivate the audience.

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Overcoming stringent time constraints showcased our team’s resilience and dedication. The AI71 launch wasn’t just an event; it was a landmark occasion that firmly established AI71 as a vanguard in the AI domain. The strategic integration of immersive technologies and narrative elements created a participatory experience that resonated with media and attendees alike.

Recognition by Eventex Awards 2024

The Eventex Awards are renowned for celebrating excellence in the event industry worldwide. Being selected as winners in the “Use of Technology” category is a testament to our innovative approach and technological mastery. The judging panel recognized our creative solutions and the exceptional execution of the AI71 launch event, reinforcing our position as industry leaders.

A Momentous Achievement

The AI71 launch exceeded all expectations, providing a powerful platform for ATRC to showcase AI71 to key stakeholders, including esteemed figures such as H.H. Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Our innovative, strategic, and flawless execution ensured the AI71 launch was not just memorable but a significant milestone in the realm of AI technology.

Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to this success. Here’s to pushing the boundaries of event technology and continuing to create unforgettable experiences!

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Eventex Awards 2024 Winner