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Option 1 Live wins major award at Middle East Technology Excellence Awards 2022

The solution transforms simple 2D digitalised concepts into a multi-dimensional projection.

Option 1 Live bagged the win in the Design Technology – Technology at the recently held Middle East Technology Excellence Awards 2022 for its Dragon O2 – 3D Volumetric LED display, in partnership with LED Pulse.

Option 1 Live specialises in events technology, hybrid production and content development. They curate meticulously conceptualised designs that go along with cutting-edge technology. They are focused on creating intangible but quality-focused visual content which helps in conveying intended messages to various audiences. They have earned a reputation in the market as they serve unique and exclusive technology integration through our global partnerships.

The 3D Volumetric Display is an exclusive combination of hardware, software, and content management tools that transforms any simple 2D digitalised concept into a multi-dimensional projection via organic calculations and structural hardware designs. It is capable of being fully interactive with motion, gestures, mobile control and even 3D sound systems.

In addition, Option 1 Live’s digital product has been successful in creating a visual experience that introduces a new perspective to the world of remote connectivity: the concept of having a Digital Twin that is transposable to the artistic representation of the human body and its movements.

The use of the body tracking suit for professional wireless motion capture will be implemented. This will allow them to capture, store, and transmit performances of dancers and performers to the volumetric environment. The performances and their volumetric interpretation may be performed live in real-time.

The objective to be on par with digital growth through sound, motion, light and data-driven interactivity to produce digital sensations led Option 1 Live to invest in and become an exclusive regional partner of patented technology by LED Pulse. This product can also be combined with various gesture sensors such as Kinect, Leap Motion, and mobile applications to produce a completely immersive experience.

The technology has been utilised in events and infrastructures such as the Russian pavilion EXPO 2020, Jax Art Festival, and Me Dubai.

The prestigious awards programme honours outstanding companies in the region that made exceptional contributions in pursuit of technological innovation in their respective industries. 

The Middle East Technology Excellence Awards is presented by Asian Business Review Magazine. To view the full list of winners, click here. If you want to join the 2023 awards programme and be acclaimed for your company’s outstanding contributions in pursuit of technological innovation, please contact Julie Anne Nuñez at julie@charltonmediamail.com.

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